The Benefits of P25 Public Safety Two-Way Radios in New Jersey

When it comes to protecting public safety, every tool you require needs to exceed expectations. With a Motorola P25 radio in hand, every member of your public safety team in New Jersey will be equipped to complete mission-critical work. 

Many agencies can benefit from communication tools that are built to last and to perform. Fire and EMS crews perform life-saving work in situations where every moment counts. Motorola P25 radios in New Jersey deliver on this front. Your crew will have access to features that are designed to meet the unique demands of public safety concerns.

Police departments are another government agency that requires effective communication to perform critical voice and data applications to serve civilians. Fast, effective communication is built to withstand the needs and rugged environment that these forces often face. 

Motorola radios and communication systems are durable enough to keep up with public safety personnel’s ability to protect and serve New Jersey communities to the highest degree.

Motorola Public Safety Radios in New Jersey

Not all public safety radios are made equal. Motorola public safety radios offer New Jersey public safety agencies high performance and quality, to ensure that every team member’s radio works as hard as they do.

The Motorola P25 radio line, which stands for Project 25, offers easy coordination with other agencies and for emergency response within New Jersey. The leading choices for New Jersey’s public safety Motorola two-way radios include: 

  • Motorola APX All-Band Portable Radio     
  • Motorola APX6000 P25 Enhanced Portable Radio 
  • Motorola APX4000XH P25 Portable Radio
  • Motorola APX3000 P25 Single-Band Portable Radio      
  • Motorola APX1000 P25 Portable Radio  

A Motorola P25 radio is specifically designed to meet the needs of public safety communications. Below are some highlights of the features and benefits of New Jersey Motorola P25 radios.

  • Emergency button 
  • Noise cancelation      
  • GPS outdoor personnel tracking    
  • Integrated Bluetooth       
  • Voice and data transmissions, including text messaging
  • Rugged design for enhanced grip and durability        
  • Voice announcement        
  • Industry-leading audio suppression for critical message transmission      
  • GPS location tracking
  • Geofencing that automatically places first responders in the same vicinity into the same talk group        
  • Encrypted communication to avoid interception by third parties
  • Long-lasting IMPRES batteries    
  • Skeleton design protects the core from impact and submersion    
  • 2-microphone design built to reduce background noise and provide clear audio in the field   
  • Optional encryption for tamper-proof security       
  • Geo Select for automatic talk groups for first responders on the scene     
  • Voice and data transmission   
  • Multiple frequency bands   
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Long-lasting IMPRES batteries    
  • Tamperproof security through high-level encryption    
  • Integrated GPS capabilities  
  • Man Down function that senses the physical position of the user     
  • Programmable emergency button      
  • Integrated voice and data    
  • Voice-operated transmit (VOX)      
  • Water resistant and submersible       
  • Intrinsically safe       
  • Status calls
  • Long-lasting IMPRES batteries      
  • Intelligent lighting to notify personnel of potential emergencies with colored display      
  • Compact design    
  • Freeform and canned text messaging     
  • Voice announcement       
  • Background noise reduction      
  • Timeout timer      
  • Water resistant  

P25 radios offer many features that promote safety, including emergency alerts, and safety features like Man Down. Most models also offer GPS location tracking, allowing dispatch to effectively communicate with personnel in the field. Automatic team creation allows for seamless communication between groups when first responders are responding to the same call.

The APX series for public safety are built tough, designed for high-stress, high-stakes environments. From astounding durability to larger buttons for easy one-handed control, Motorola’s public safety portable and mobile radios deliver on all fronts. Build a complete solution by accompanying your Motorola public safety radios in New Jersey with dispatch consoles, tough laptops for field work, and software applications. 

Choose Wireless Inc. for Motorola P25 Radios in New Jersey

Your team needs the best to serve the New Jersey community. Motorola public safety products and services offer a comprehensive solution that promotes accountability, reliability, and support on the frontlines of law enforcement. Get started by contacting us for a free consultation for your New Jersey police department.


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