Public Safety P25 Radios

Motorola offers a wide range of communications products and equipment for government agencies. Motorola P25 two-way radios and Wireless, Inc. custom engineered service plans are your go-to resources for public safety communications throughout New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

The mission critical P25 radio works in conjunction with Motorola P25 Radio Systems delivering superb sound quality, background noise reduction, signal clarity, and more, all with a rugged design. These radios are built to perform no matter what kind of weather, events, or emergencies arise.

As a Motorola Solutions Manufactures Representative, Wireless, Inc. offers access to a variety of products and services, including:

  • Portable radios
  • Mobile radios
  • APX device management services
  • Coverage enhancement services

Through our services you can get access to complete communications solutions for your public safety organization including radios, installations, accessories, dispatch equipment, mounting equipment, and more. We even offer system management services for your organization. We can help you build, manage, and maintain your P25 radio system .

Why P25?

Reliable access to communication is one of the most important elements of crisis management. Whether your team responds to area-wide emergencies like hurricanes and other natural disasters or they respond to intense emergency incidents, good communications tools saves lives.

The P25, short for Project 25, offers easy collaboration with other agencies operating on the P25 networks. This allows for greater coordination between teams from other agencies and for widescale emergency responses.

Wireless, Inc. offers the APX Series for public safety radios that are as durable as they are reliable. Plus, they are designed specifically for use in these high-stress, fields with the following options and features:

  • High visibility with bright coloring
  • Larger buttons and controls for ease of manipulation and use, even with gloves
  • Incredible toughness
  • Secure communication
  • Software applications to deliver greater control and customizability
  • Seamless transfer of voice and data communications

Wireless, Inc. understands the demands law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other first responders face every time you answer a call. That is why we work carefully to bring you top APX Series equipment and communications services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your organization. Contact us today to learn more about the P25 communications solutions we have available to you.

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