Motorola Digital Radios

Choosing the Right Motorola Digital Radios

Because Motorola offers a wide assortment of digital two-way radios, there’s a perfect solution for every role. Comfortable, ultra-light, digital portable radios fit the needs of employees who work in customer-facing roles. Mobile fleets will benefit from in-vehicle mobile radio solutions with exceptional voice quality, even in noisy environments. Plus, some Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios are built to be rugged and water-resistant, able to withstand whatever your day throws at it.

People in both businesses and government agencies depend on Motorola for reliable voice and data communication. Motorola digital mobile and portable two-way radios have the latest digital technology while seamlessly integrating two-way radio features like push-to-talk.

Versatility – The Many Groupings of Motorola Digital Radios

Motorola understands that not all businesses who want the convenience of instant communication have the same needs when it comes to equipment. That is why they offer an impressive line of products suitable for the many varied requirements of businesses today, such as:

  • XPR Series: This series offers durable solutions for communications that never compromise
  • SL Series: Radios in this series are smaller and sleeker and well suited for the needs of retail, hospitality, and other industries where toughness isn’t a primary concern

Choosing the right kinds of radios to meet your needs can save you time, money and aggravation. Wireless Inc. is here to help you choose the Motorola digital radios that best meet your needs.

Motorola Radio Selector

Instantly build your own custom two-way radio system.

Tough Technology for Teams

Features available on many Motorola digital radios also play vital roles in promoting versatility, making them useful for a variety of business applications in different industries. Below you will find a list of some of the more popular radio features available on some MotoTRBO radio devices:

  • Digital signal: better call range and signal reception
  • Intelligent audio: automatically filters out background noises
  • IMPRES Batteries: smart batteries that extend battery life
  • Safety features: Lone Worker, Man Down, Emergency call
  • Radio-embedded GPS: allows you to monitor location of radios and workers using them

Every business—and the people who work there—have specific needs. That’s why Motorola offers a full line of accessories to make your radios more comfortable and practical. These accessories include:

  • Spare batteries
  • Multi-unit chargers
  • Earpieces
  • Speaker mics
  • Carry Cases

As you can see there is a wide range of accessories available for your units that make them easier to carry, and in some cases, to conceal, for easy and discrete communication.

Contact Wireless Inc. today to learn more about your digital radio system options and the solutions we offer to best fit the communications needs of your business or agency.

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