Repair & Installation

Communications are critical for every business and organization in the private sector as well as all government agencies. Unfortunately, in many industries, communication needs aren’t limited to a desk. Your people are on the move at all times.

Whether you need stronger in-building communications solutions or access to information for people located at multiple, Wireless, Inc. offers you the tools, equipment, and service you need to kick your communications up a notch.

Why Wireless, Inc. for Repairs and Installations?

When making an large investment like a wireless communication system it’s important to work with an organization, like Wireless, Inc. that has partnered with some of the best names in the business as Motorola Solutions and Panasonic.

Not only have we gone through extensive education and training, providing outstanding product knowledge about the devices we sell, we also have over 20 years of experiencing servicing, selling, maintaining, installing, and repairing communications equipment.

Each member of our team is fully trained to repair and install the products and equipment we sell and only factory parts are used to make repairs. This is what we offer when you trust us with your repairs, installations, and service needs:

  • Quality service
  • UPS Next Day Mail-in/out service programs (within the U.S.)
  • Friendly and professional personnel that understand your equipment and your needs
  • Motorola factory trained technicians
  • Flat rate repair options
  • Fast turnaround times (usually with a 48-hour repair cycle) on most makes and models

We believe in providing attentive repairs as quickly as possible, so you can get back to the important work you do, whatever industry your work is in.

Why Buy Maintenance Agreements?

It costs far less to maintain a piece of equipment or machinery than it does to replace it. More importantly, proper maintenance of your equipment can do the following:

  • Alert you to problems before they occur, disrupting service and placing your people at risk
  • Extend the life and usefulness of your equipment
  • Protect your investment in the equipment
  • Reduce downtime from equipment failure
  • Help you control the cost of radio equipment repairs
  • Customers with maintenance agreements have priority service when equipment needs repair

Our first priority is to keep your communications operating at peak efficiency. We are committed to offering you outstanding service from installation to repair and all points in between. Contact Wireless, Inc. today with any questions and concerns you have about our installation and repair services and make sure you call or fill out our contact form with your service requests.