Panasonic Toughbook Computer Device Selector

Panasonic Authorized Reseller & Motorola Solutions Channel Partner

Toughbook is a term that refers to a line of rugged laptops, tablets, and handheld devices that have been specially designed to take a few spills, drops, and rough handling without skipping a beat when it comes to performance.

With our ruggedized rugged computers, your people can share information with you in real-time. This is essential for creating accurate records, managing the flow of data, making tactical decisions, and gathering data to make mission-critical decisions for business and public safety applications.

At Wireless Inc., we offer a full suite of services designed to help you manage your business more effectively. We’re the leading Panasonic Authorized Reseller and Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer in the Mid-Atlantic States. For over 20 years, we have been delivering communications solutions to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Panasonic Toughbook Laptop and Tablet sales and service
  • Equipment installation and repair
  • FCC licensing
  • Maintenance agreements
  • System management
  • Service request fulfillment

We also offer a full line of Motorola commercial two-way radios to help your organization or agency enjoy clearer, crisper, instant communication with the push of a button. Our solutions are designed to handle a wide range of conditions and ensure operational performance in extreme conditions.

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