6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Motorola Construction Radios in New Jersey

Motorola Construction Two Way Radios Baltimore, DC, Philly, NJ

Saving Time & Money With New Jersey Motorola Construction Radios

If there’s one thing that’s never going to stop in New Jersey, it’s construction. There’s always going to be something new that needs to be built, something old that needs to be renovated or repaired, and infrastructure that needs to be maintained. It’s safe to say that while it’s not a glamorous job, the construction industry is essential to the well-being of New Jersey residents.

Construction, just like with any other business, organization, or industry in New Jersey, relies on consistent and clear communication. People need access to real-time information to make decisions. They have to be able to ask questions and get answers quickly. Managers need to be kept in the loop, and workers sometimes need to be notified of new developments or even emergencies. To facilitate these actions, choose New Jersey Motorola construction two-way radios.

The Radio Alternative

The most common device for communication these days is a smartphone. The smartphone is a convenient, versatile piece of technology, but was not designed to be on a working construction site. These handheld computers can take photos, shoot video, help people to navigate to their destination, but bump, drop, or get them a little wet and they are done. New Jersey construction walkie talkies give workers more ruggedness and instant wireless communications thanks to a suite of important features and characteristics of Motorola radios.

No Cell Towers? No Problem.

A smartphone only works if there’s a cellular tower in the area. Even then, it only works within a few miles of that tower and if you are below the height of the tower. New Jersey construction walkie talkies like the Motorola XPR™ 3000e don’t have this limitation and can work in isolated areas, where no cell tower is present or on a high building where a worker will not have any reliable mobile phone service.

More Versatility

New Jersey construction two-way radios like the Motorola XPR™ 5000e can be mounted in vehicles if need be. They can also work with Bluetooth® accessories for greater safety and convenience, as well as GPS location so dispatch can coordinate daily operations. With the XPR 5000e and compatible accessories, you can ensure your workers are equipped and reachable on the road and elsewhere.


A smartphone is extremely delicate. The combination of a large screen and fragile electronics like camera lenses make it susceptible to impact and moisture damage. New Jersey construction radios like the Motorola XPR™ 7000e have been built to last. They can endure the same challenging conditions that construction workers do, whether that’s rain, mud, winds, or anything else, and they will still provide a reliable communication solution.

More Safety Features

Unlike smartphones, New Jersey construction walkie talkies have a whole range of different safety features. Radios can be equipped with features that call for help when a worker is lying down and not moving, or when a worker hasn’t checked in at the programmed time intervals. As a construction or workplace safety manager, you want these features to keep your employees safe and connected.

New Jersey construction two-way radios even come with GPS tracking to help locate workers, which is especially useful off-site and can accommodate wide-area communications. The radios even feature audio and visual alerts on the units themselves to narrow down the precise location once in the area. For urgent, direct communications, a manager or supervisor can clear the channel to get through to essential personnel.

Your Construction Team Has a Lot to Handle

Unlike many other jobs and tasks in New Jersey, construction is one that has an inherent, higher-than-average element of risk. Construction workers face numerous hazards every day on the job, including:

  • Falling from scaffolding
  • Being exposed to hazardous materials
  • Sustaining an injury from heavy-duty vehicles or equipment
  • Suffering from repetitive or chronic strain
  • Experiencing electrical shock
  • Suffering trauma after being struck by a falling object

In some cases, the incidents may not even occur in a heavily populated area, where others can see the accident and report it via a cell phone. New Jersey construction two-way radios are a valuable form of extra protection to update, warn, and get in touch with workers.

Which Radio Do You Need?

All construction projects are different and will have different requirements, even in the communication department. If you want to the best two-way digital radio for your needs, just come to us! As an authorized Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, we can help you find the New Jersey construction two-way radios that meet your project’s needs.


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