Motorola Wireless Communications: Increasing Police Intel with Technology

For decades, police departments have relied on two-way radio communications, but with the amount of data increasing — thanks to an emphasis on community-data — it’s even more important for the right information to reach the right person.

To manage this overflow of data, police departments are relying on intelligent communications systems, like Motorola ASTRO 25 and our Intelligence-Led Public Safety Solutions (ILPS) to keep their officers connected. Some advanced solutions include:

  • Portable two-way radio, like the rugged APX 800 which is designed for public safety
  • Bluetooth enabled remote speaker microphone, for instant communication
  • Body-worn devices for improved safety, like biometric health monitors and environmental sensors

Motorola introduced their first police radio in 1930. Committed to innovation, and backed by experience, Motorola Solutions supports more than 100,000 public safety customers today.

Download the brochure to find out how Motorola can connect your police department and provide your officers real-time intelligence for improved outcomes.

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