Motorola Radio Solutions

Motorola is the worldwide leader when it comes to land mobile radio solutions. That makes it a trusted name for leading businesses and government organizations. Wireless Inc. is proud to be a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner.

What that means for you and your business or government organization is that Wireless, Inc. technicians have gone through rigorous education, training, and testing with Motorola and are deemed to be experts in recommending, servicing, and maintaining our entire line of Motorola radios and communications equipment.

Two Types of Motorola Radio Systems through Wireless Inc.

Wireless, Inc. is proud to offer two types of Motorola radio systems. Each one offers distinctive features and advantages to users. We are fully qualified to recommend the appropriate system and services for your organizational needs and help you with the setup, installation, repair, maintenance, and management of your system. The two types of systems we offer are:

  1. Motorola MotoTRBO Digital Radio System (suitable for commercial users and smaller government agencies).
  2. P25 Public Safety Digital Radio Solution (designed specifically for government public safety organizations).
  • Wireless, Inc. offers users throughout Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania access to these radio systems along with various enhancements that make them uniquely suited to your organization. Some of the enhancements we offer include:
  • Consoles
  • Voice records
  • GPS tracking
  • MotoTRBO apps
  • In-building coverage solutions

Whatever your communications needs and challenges may be, we can create a solution that will work for your business or government agency to meet those needs.

Team Communications – How they Benefit You

Team communications allow you to communicate with your team instantly, with the push of a button. We can craft a team communications system that works if your team is all located on a single property or spread out across the country.

We can even engineer solutions allowing you to communicate effectively with people working off-shore and in the wilderness, so everyone is on the same page. Among the industries we serve are:

  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Private Security
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utilities
  • Education
  • Public Safety
  • Fire and EMS
  • Healthcare

Wireless, Inc. is committed to providing exceptional communications solutions for your organizational needs. Our solutions not only help to boost productivity throughout your organization, but also help to solve important safety issues. Contact us today to learn more about Motorola radio solutions and how we can engineer a solution specifically suited for your needs.

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