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ASTRO Service Portfolio

Benefits of signing up for ASTRO Service include:

MAXIMIZE YOUR INVESTMENT: Get the most value from your network through regular technology upgrades.

BE PREPARED FOR THE FUTURE: Access the latest capabilities and prepare your network to meet future needs.

INCREASE RESILIENCY: Keep network secure and hardened for on-going reliability

Which ASTRO Service Level is right for you?

ASTRO Essential (Plus*)

24x7x365 Tech Support
Network Hardware Repair
Security Patching
Onsite Support*
Annual Preventative Maintenance*

ASTRO Advanced (Plus*)

All Essential Services

Network Event Monitoring
Network Upgrades*

ASTRO Premier

All Essential & Advanced Services

End-to-End Event Mgmt.
SLA’s For Restoration
Performance Mgmt.
Infrastructure Configuration Mgmt.
System Provisioning
Backhaul Monitoring
Proactive Security Monitoring
Cybersecurity Assessment

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