Security & Property Management

Wireless Voice and Data Communication Solutions for the Mid Atlantic

Managing and securing a property, whether it’s where people live, work, attend events or spend time relaxing requires well-coordinated communication. Effective communication helps ensure everyone’s security all while facilitating the day-to-day tasks required to manage properties.

Types of Security and Property Management Businesses that Benefit from Better Communication

Security is a vital role and all security professionals can benefit from instant access to communication at their fingertips. You might be surprised by the number of property management businesses that benefit from this type of communication, such as:

  • Commercial building management
  • Office management
  • College campus property management
  • Apartment complexes
  • Factory environments

Think about all the people you communicate with in the course of a day. Especially how much time is wasted playing endless rounds of phone tag, retrieving voice mail messages, and typing out text messages with the following groups of people:

  • Maintenance personnel
  • Security
  • Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Tenants
  • Leasing agents
  • Real estate agents.
  • Students
  • Professors

The list is nearly endless. Fortunately for you, so are the solutions when you choose Wireless, Inc. for your communications needs.

How Can You Use Digital Radio Communication to Improve Your Security and Property Management Business?

Digital radios can be instrumental for security personnel and property management staff when it comes to providing status reports, checking alarms and checking in with people, but when it comes to emergency situations, digital radios can be a life line for security. That’s why only the best will do. We offer a wide range of rugged, durable radios ideal for security applications with available features like:

  • Lone Worker: perfect for security staff making rounds alone
  • Man Down: quickly summon aid when workers fall and are unable to call for help.
  • Emergency notifications: otherwise referred to as SOS alerts or panic buttons

For security and property management customers we recommend Motorola’s MotoTRBO digital radios, you can expect them to withstand wind, rain, and a few drops along the way.

We also offer smaller, more discrete radios to facilitate communication in office environments, professional spaces or even for private security. You’re sure to love our selection of radios that offer features like:

  • Extended battery life
  • Device ergonomics
  • Available accessories
  • Call clarity with noise cancelling and voice enhancing software included
  • Extended coverage

You can even make your radios more affordable by renting radios for busy times, like important events or when you’re bringing more security personnel into the mix for temporary assignments.

Ready to upgrade your communications? Contact Wireless, Inc. today to learn more about our customizable communications plans and products that are ideally suited for your security and property management needs. We will come up with a communications solution designed with your individual business in mind.