Wireless Voice and Data Communication Solutions for the Mid Atlantic

Wireless Communication Solutions to Help Police Be Their Best in the Moments that Matter Most.

It’s essential for people in law enforcement to have a reliable way to communicate. It’s crucial, not just to do their jobs, but in some cases to save lives. At Wireless Inc., we understand lives are on the line, and we offer products and solutions dedicated to preserving life by facilitating fast, effective communication in the harshest environments.

We take great pride in providing communications for law enforcement throughout our entire service area in the Mid Atlantic. We offer a wide range of communications services from locations in:

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Washington, DC

Our Motorola P25 radios are built specifically with emergency services, first responders, and law enforcement in mind.

These radios are tough, durable, windproof, and waterproof, and it means your officers can protect and serve their communities regardless of weather. The radios are also built to withstand a few drops and scrapes.

Instant communication saves lives. It’s that simple.

Benefits of Wireless, Inc. Solutions for Law Enforcement

For police and other law enforcement officers, every time you get out of your car and respond to a call, it has the potential to be a life and death situation.

Whether you’re coordinating evacuations, responding to burglary alarms, or conducting routine traffic stops, there is always the potential for danger or, in some cases, finding crucial evidence. Wireless, Inc. offers a variety of products and services to help, including:

  • In-Vehicle Cameras
  • Body-Worn Cameras
  • Wireless Data Modems

We understand the harsh conditions your officers work in, so all items are designed specifically to handle wind, rain, and the rigors and demands of a long shift.

We have products built to handle those conditions without missing a call. They work time after time. We offer communications solutions known for durability and reliability as well as advanced safety features.

Why Trust Wireless, Inc.?

Choosing a service provider for police communications is no small decision. Lives depend on the ability of officers and dispatchers to communicate effectively, without fail. We bring more than 20 years of experience serving the communications needs of government agencies and businesses.

Our status as a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner means our technicians have gone through extensive education and hands-on training, making them experts in maintaining and servicing your equipment.

We offer cost-effective communications solutions, including radio rentals for busy seasons when additional officers are brought in to handle major events, control the flow of traffic, or provide tactical support to your teams on the ground.

Contact Wireless, Inc. today to learn more about the wide range of Panasonic and Motorola products we offer designed specifically to meet the needs of law enforcement officers.

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