Wireless Voice and Data Communication Solutions for the Mid Atlantic

Manufacturing businesses are constantly looking for ways to do two essential things:

  1. Boost productivity
  2. Improve safety

Having an instantly connected workforce can help you accomplish both those things. We provide you with the tools you need for instant communication and so much more.

An informed team is a productive team and the right communications systems helps to keep your team informed about the latest information, product alerts, work orders, and more without causing work stoppages for any of the following:

  • Playing phone tag
  • Retrieving voicemail messages
  • Typing or retrieving text messages
  • Looking up and/or dialing phone numbers

The more people in your organization, the more cumbersome the burden of wasted time. Motorola Two-way radios allow you to deliver messages to the people who need to hear them with the touch of a button. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

Communicate Locally or Connect with Plans Across the Country

One of the great things about Motorola digital two-way radios is they allow you to communicate with your department or with your entire organization, including plants spread out in different cities or states.

MotoTRBO Capacity Max makes this type of innovative, scalable communication possible. More importantly, it can grow with you since Capacity Max allows you to connect with up to 250 sites and communicate with up to 3,000 users at each site. As your manufacturing organization grows, so do your communications capabilities.

As Motorola Solutions Service Elite Specialists, we at Wireless Inc. can connect you with the right tools and equipment to make your communication capabilities better than ever.

We can help you set up various channels that allow you to do the following:

  • Private person-to-person communication
  • Communications within various departments of your company
  • Management-only communication
  • Organization-wide communication

The bottom line is you can enjoy complete plantwide communication for emergencies, and to keep your operation running to its full capacity.

Tools for Your Manufacturing Business

You know how important it is to have the right tools to keep your plant operating like a well-oiled machine. We know how important the right communications tools are for your business too. That’s why we offer a huge selection of products and services designed to boost your communication, like:
  • Motorola digital radio systems
  • In-building signal boosters (BDA) and Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Rugged devices that can handle a rough manufacturing environment, with some of our radios IP68 rated for durability
  • Long lasting battery life to handle multiple shifts thanks to Motorola iMPRES battery technology
  • Advanced safety features like Man Down, Lone-Worker, and emergency notifications
If you’re hoping to utilize technology within your plant in new and exciting ways, we can help with that, too, thanks to our partnership with Panasonic and our ability to offer their Toughbook laptops and tablets. These computers are designed to handle the harsh working environment of your plant and keep running. Not sure where to begin? Contact Wireless Inc. today and let us help you make informed decisions about your communications, productivity, and safety needs. We have the right tools to help you get the job done and are happy to help you learn more about them.

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