From predictable public events, like festivals and school graduations, to the unpredictable ones, like hurricanes and fires, reliable communication keeps our communities in order.

Safety and security, for city, state, and federal agencies has taken on new meaning in recent years. Criminals, hackers, and terrorists are becoming more tech savvy and inventive forcing government agencies to up their security and communications tools to address and neutralize threats promptly when they arise.

What Government Agencies Benefit from Better Communication?

The short answer is all of them. Wireless, Inc. offers technology, tools, and solutions ideally suited for government use in the following fields, and more:

  • Education (K-12, colleges, and universities)
  • Municipal governments
  • Public works professionals, technicians, and engineers
  • Fire and law enforcement
  • EMT and emergency response

The list of people making use of functional digital radios is even longer than the government agencies making use of them. It includes:

  • Police officers
  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics
  • First responders
  • Utility workers
  • City maintenance workers
  • School administrators
  • Campus police and security officers

These are the people on the front lines keeping our communities safe and protecting the fabric of our society. We offer the tools and equipment these professionals need to deal with real world disasters as well as the day-to-day functions of their jobs. Equipping them with the right type of radios and communications services helps them save lives, avert disasters, and stay informed when disaster strikes.

Why Wireless, Inc. for Your Government Communication Needs?

The professionals at Wireless, Inc. have the tools, knowledge, and training to help design the communications systems that are ideal for your organization. Whether you’re a small town looking to boost performance and cut costs, or a federal agency looking for operational efficiency, we have a wide range of radios to meet your needs. We offer outstanding flexibility in our services to continue meeting your needs as they evolve over time. More importantly, we offer incredible value for the services we offer with Motorola certified Sales and Service team members, so you can buy with confidence.

In addition to radios and communications services through our partnership with Motorola, we offer a wide range of products especially suited for government agencies through our partnership with Panasonic, such as Toughbook computers, in-vehicle cameras, and body-worn cameras for law enforcement agencies.

Contact us today to learn more about the wide range of products and services we have to offer your government agency to fill your communications and technology needs.

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