Emergency Two-Way Radios for Mid-Atlantic States

Wireless Voice and Data Communication Solutions for the Mid Atlantic

Firefighters and Paramedics Depend on Emergency Two-Way Radios in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Delaware, and Virginia.

At Wireless Inc., we understand the challenges you face and the importance of effective communication tools. In the case of fire and EMS services, radios and equipment, like the Motorola Project 25 (P25) radios, are what emergency teams rely on to stay connected and safe.

As a Motorola Solutions Channel Partners, Wireless Inc. offers high-performing radios (walkie talkies), along with their innovative features including:

  • Long-lasting IMPRES batteries
  • Fully integrated touch screens
  • Industry-leading audio suppression for critical message transmission
  • Encrypted communication to avoid interception by third parties, providing secure communication
  • Interoperability capabilities to connect all devices
  • Multiple frequency bands for emergency broadcasts
  • Voice and data transmissions
  • Designed specifically for public safety use

When disaster strikes, these are the radios you want to have at your disposal. They provide secure communication among law enforcement, emergency response teams, and first responders, and allow for the rapid delivery of key safety information while widespread emergencies are unfolding.

Digital Two-Way Radios for Emergency Response

In addition to providing all the tools you need for clear, effective communication, P25 radios offer a variety of features to promote safety. This includes emergency alerts and safety features like Man Down emergency calling.

These radios are also equipped with GPS tracking, allowing for easy dispatch of fire and emergency professionals to create perimeters around disaster zones, and to ensure adequate dispersal of firefighters and paramedics.

Because lives are on the line, you will find P25 equipment to be the right tool for your vital roles in saving lives—even in the harshest of conditions.

Other Wireless Solutions for Fire and EMS Professionals

In addition to our partnership with Motorola, we also have an outstanding relationship with Panasonic, to deliver our customers with state-of-the-art Toughbook laptops and computers. These ruggedized laptops are built to withstand the drops and spills that happen on the job. Panasonic also offers body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras to aid with active firefighting and arson investigations.

Contact Wireless, Inc. today to learn more about the technology and communications tools that will fuel your firefighting and emergency response success with real-time communication offering up-to-the-minute information about widescale and routine emergency situations.

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