Wireless Voice and Data Communication Solutions for the Mid Atlantic

Whether you are responsible for the administration of a K-12 school or school district or you are an administrator in a college or university campus, you understand the important role communication plays in maintaining order on campus, facilitating countless events on campus, and ensuring the safety of your students and staff.

Who Needs Access to Communication Tools in Education?

The world is changing fast and the needs of educational institutions for fast access to communication have grown substantially. The following professionals on your campus benefit from two-way radio use on campus:

  • Campus security
  • Maintenance and grounds crews
  • Department heads
  • Teachers and professors
  • Food services personnel
  • Campus administrators
  • Bus drivers

The more you understand the types of communication tools we offer, the better you can understand the different members of your staff who can benefit from them.

Motorola MotoTRBO digital radios

These radios are rugged and durable and come in a variety of sizes and designs for utilitarian and discrete communications capabilities

Motorola P25 Radios

These radios are best suited for campus police as they offer special features for handling emergency or crisis situations


Panasonic Toughbook laptops and tablets

These tablets provide instant access to data and information and are built to handle a few drops, bumps, and scrapes without breaking

Panasonic vehicle cameras

There are never too many eyes on a school bus and Panasonic vehicle cameras ensure safety and provides important records of events if accidents occur

Think of all the activities and events that take place on campus – outside of the classroom:
  • Football and Basketball games
  • School Music or Theater productions
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Community events
The list could go on and on. The more people and vehicles that come onto campus, the greater the need for effective communication. Then there is the crisis management aspect. No school administrator wants to believe these events can happen on your campus, the reality, though, is you must plan for it. Having the right communications in place if these types of incidents occur is critical for offering a rapid response and can be instrumental in saving lives. Wireless, Inc. offers a variety of communications tools and services for educational institutions. We are conveniently located with offices throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and to get access to our Wireless Education Guide, which shows you the different solutions we have designed specifically for schools.

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