Construction Two-Way Radios for Mid-Atlantic States

Wireless Voice and Data Communication Solutions for the Mid Atlantic

Push. Talk. Construction Two-Way Radios Are That Simple.

Whether you’re handling short-term construction assignments or working on long-term infrastructure projects, effective communications solutions are the foundation upon which your business is built.

We get that.

And we have the tools to help you improve communications for your construction company.

Who are We?

We’re Wireless Inc., and we offer a wide range of high-performing products and services designed to improve the way you communicate in the office, and with your people in the field.

Instant Communication with the Push of a Button

Thanks to advances in wireless technology, and the widespread use of digital radio communications, the ability to deliver messages quickly to your people in the field is better than ever. You can communicate with individual members of your team or your entire crew—even across multiple job sites.

It goes beyond the ability to send a message, though. Thanks to advanced noise-canceling features and digital voice enhancements, the messages come across crystal clear. Messages are heard even in noisy environments where people are using heavy equipment and machinery or working in heavy wind and rain.

Thanks to our partnership with Motorola Solutions, we’re able to offer rugged and durable MOTOTRBO™ radios for construction sites designed to withstand wind, rain, spills, and drops along the way. This means you can send your staff into the field with the confidence that they have the tools needed for communicating with you throughout the day.

Here are just a few reasons why you are going to love working with us.

  • Affordable communications options: We offer rental radios and equipment to help reduce startup costs and allow you to job cost the devices for business management.
  • Long battery life: You work long days and need communications equipment that works hard all day too.
  • GPS location: Know where your people are, thanks to the GPS equipped radios we offer your business.
  • SOS/Panic button features: Panic button features on MOTOTRBO radios allow your workers to summon aid quickly with a panic alert and quick message, complete with GPS tracking.

Tough Work Tools for Business

In addition to effective radio communications, our partnership with Panasonic allows you to bring durable, ruggedized tablets and laptop computers into the field so your employees can share data with the office effortlessly. These laptops are designed for use in the field and can withstand environments that would send standard laptops out of service fast.

Wireless is here to help you with all your communications needs. Contact us today to learn more about the wide selection of services and equipment we have available to help construction businesses like yours.

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