Booking Two-Way Radio Support

Our Certified Service Centers are here to help you with installation services, repair services, routine equipment maintenance, and any other service-related concerns. We offer solutions for small businesses, large-scale government agencies and everything in between.

This includes vehicle solutions, including mounting and fixed infrastructure installs and repairs. The heart and soul of our business, though, rests in providing, maintaining, and servicing our wide selection of two-way radio communications systems and equipment. We are ready to handle all of your installation needs including:

  • Upgrading existing equipment to improve coverage or transition to new frequencies
  • Inbuilding coverage installations and amplification
  • Voice logging system installations
  • Repeaters
  • Console installation, service, and repairs

While radios are the bread and butter for Wireless, Inc. they aren’t the only services and installations we are experts in conducting. We also install the following products in vehicles:

  • Custom radio equipment
  • Custom antenna installations
  • Car cameras
  • Mobile data terminals

Through our partnerships with Motorola and Panasonic we have gone through extensive education, training, and testing to become experts in the installation and service of their products.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of communications installation, repairs, and maintenance, we bring a dedicated and highly qualified group of professionals to the table. Contact Wireless, Inc. today with any questions or concerns you may have and all your service requests.

Book Your Service Call for Two-Way Radio Support in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Delaware, and Virginia.

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