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HKN6182 Keyloader Adapter

Keyloader adapter for mobile microphone (MMP) with 1.5″ cable.

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PMMN4106A APX XE500 Remote Speaker, High Impact Green

The APX™ XE500 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) is designed with the user’s extreme environment in mind. This high-visibility, high impact green RSM features…

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Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (WM500)

The WM500 has been tested and works with the KODIAK broadband PTT platform, which is used by major wireless carriers – including AT&T, Bell Canada, Sprint, and…

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IMPRES Visor Microphone

Small microphone mounts to vehicle’s visor for convenient hands-free radio operation and safety while in a vehicle. Use with a external push-button push-to-talk…

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MD-12A8J Desktop Microphone

The MD-12 desktop microphone is designed for use with Vertex Standard mobiles and base stations. It can turn a mobile or base station/repeater into a control station….

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PMMN4106ABLK APX XE500 Remote Speaker Microphone, Black

The APX™ XE500 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) is designed with the user’s extreme environment in mind. This RSM features an asymmetrical shape to help you…

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RLN4836 Emergency Foot Switch

This emergency foot switch sends a signal to the base station and activates the microphone.

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RLN4836AR Emergency Foot Switch

The emergency foot switch lets you notify the base station of trouble quickly and discreetly. It sends a signal to the station and activates your microphone.

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RLN4856 Foot Switch With Push-To-Talk

The foot switch mounts to the floor of a vehicle to allow hands-free operation of a visor microphone.

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RLN4857 Push Button With Push-To-Talk

This is a pushbutton with Push-to-Talk functionality. It can be held or mounted in a vehicle. Must be used with AARMN4027.

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RMN5050 Desktop Microophone

Convenient microphone option for when you are operating the mobile on a desktop. Transmissions are easier for control station users as the microphone does not need to…

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RMN5052 Standard Compact Microphone

Lightweight and easy-to-hold microphone that provides basic push-to-talk functionality.

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RMN5053 IMPRES Heavy-Duty Microphone

Heavy-duty microphone for users who want more durability, also ideal for those who need a larger microphone that is easier to handle when wearing gloves.


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RMN5070 Desktop Microphone

Allow mission critical users to conveniently convert APX mobiles into simple base stations offering an ideal solution for dispatch and transportation users.

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RMN5127 IMPRES Keypad Microphone

A four-way navigation button makes it easy to navigate the full color display and a full keypad enables you to enter text messages and dial numbers from the microphone….

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