For over 20 years, Wireless has served the communications needs of customers throughout New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We rely on key relationships with top tier wireless partners to make this possible.

Our partners are instrumental in allowing us to offer you, and all the customers we serve, reliable and durable communications. We’ve forged these partnerships to help our business and government clients improve your communications, which helps you improve the following throughout your organization:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Customer service

But that’s just the beginning. Depending on your industry, you may enjoy unique benefits we’re able to offer to you based on these important partnerships.

Motorola Solutions Channel Partner

As a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner and as one of the Mid Atlantic’s largest mobile radio dealerships, Wireless provides communication solutions you can depend on. We are staffed with engineering and project management support, system installation technicians and field service technicians, all trained and certified for the service and maintenance of your mission critical communications system. Our Motorola certified sales and service teams are focused on providing the technology solutions you depend on in the moments that matter most.

Motorola Solutions Service Elite Specialist

The Motorola Service Elite Specialist is the highest level of service distinction. This specialization recognizes that Wireless delivers expertise in delivering on-site response, preventative maintenance, system installation and device installation services – including P25 Mission Critical Networks.


Our partnership with Panasonic allows us to offer you some of the latest communications equipment for public safety agencies. This includes a wide range of mobile data applications and equipment designed for use in rugged industries and outside of the office. From Toughbook tablets and laptops, to body worn and in-dash cameras for law enforcement, we have all the latest tools and technology to keep the information flowing for your entire agency.

Eventide NexLog

Eventide NexLog communications recording systems offer outstanding flexibility and ease of use, with a choice of advanced capability remote software or convenient touch-screen front panel operation. Call records are stored in a state-of-the-art SQL relational database, and NexLog logging systems feature an embedded Linux operating system for maximum reliability.


Unication manufactures quality pagers for fire, search and rescue personnel. The Unication G-series pagers are known for their rugged durability numerous features, making them ideal for rescuers to rely on for communications when faced with any adversity.

Motorola Solutions

Keying in on commercial and public safety radio communication, Motorola is a critical partner for Wireless, Inc. As Motorola Solutions Channel Partners, our technicians have gone through extensive training, education, and testing on leading Motorola equipment making us well-equipped to work on all your Motorola radios and communications equipment.

Motorola also offers an impressive selection of radios designed to meet all your business needs. From rugged radios ideally suited for use on the go and in the elements to lightweight radios designed for use in retail and healthcare environments, our partnership with Motorola gives you access to some of the most advanced communications radios and equipment available today.


Panasonic Toughbook, ruggedized laptops and tablets are not only ideal for law enforcement, but for many fields that require equipment capable of surviving harsh treatment, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation and Logistics

These tough laptops and tablets are ideal for use in any field or industry where drops, spills, wind, or rain are likely to occur. Our partnership with Panasonic allows us to help you choose the right devices and apps to meet your organization’s need for data transfers, communications, and more.


Eventide NexLog Communications Recorders and software are designed to meet the specialized needs of public safety and other critical communication users. Thousands of Eventide systems for Public Safety & Security Recording have been installed in over 50 countries for Police Agencies, Fire Departments, Ambulance Services, 9-1-1 Communication Centers, Hospitals, Transportation Networks, Airlines, Air Traffic Control Centers, Utilities, Oil & Gas Facilities, Mining Facilities, Government Agencies, and National Defense.

Eventide NexLog recording systems can record calls and media from an extremely wide range of communications systems, including:

  • 9-1-1 PSAP Systems
  • Next Generation 9-1-1 (i3) systems
  • P25 Radio Systems (Motorola, Harris, Tait, EF Johnson, ISSI, OTAR)
  • DMR, MOTOTRBO, NXDN, and MPT radio Systems (Tait, Motorola, Sepura, Fylde Micro, Icom, Kenwood, and more)
  • Dispatching and Console Systems (Zetron, Avtec, Telex, Catalyst, Harris, Mindshare and many more)
  • Push to Talk (PTT) over LTE systems and applications
  • Telephones (Digital, ISDN-BRI, Analog, VoIP, SIP, Cisco, Avaya, Siemens/Unify, Mitel and many others)
  • Telephone Lines & Trunks (T1, E1, ISDN-PRI, ISDN30, ISDN2, Analog, SIP)
  • Emergency Telephone Systems (Analog and SIP)
  • Public Address / General Announcement (PAGA) Systems
  • Intercom Systems for Corrections, Detention and Health facilities
  • Air Traffic Control Voice Communication & Control Systems (VCCS)
  • ED-137 Air Traffic Control Radios, ED-137 Consoles and ED-137 VCCS Systems

Our partnership with Eventide enables Wireless to compliment the integrated Motorola two way radio communications solutions that we deliver for Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Contact Wireless, Inc. today to learn more about our valuable partnerships and how these partnerships help us help your business communicate better. Whether you’re communicating with people in the office or staff in the field. Dedicated officers and paramedics working to keep streets safe or businesses profitable, we have the right tools and technology to help you improve safety, productivity, and more with better communication thanks to our partnerships with impressive organizations like Motorola and Panasonic.

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