3 Ways Two-Way Radio Repeaters Help Baltimore Businesses Be More Safe & Productive

Motorola Radio Repeaters

Baltimore two-way radio repeaters are a cost-effective way to improve area coverage, provide better building in-coverage, and feature additional app support to help get the most out of your wireless communications solution.

What is a Radio Repeater?

A repeater is a device that links two radio operators together to cover a larger communication area or allow better in-building coverage. It works by receiving a frequency from two-way radios and retransmitting them in real-time to the others radios on the channel or talk group. Repeaters operate at higher power than typical for portable and mobile radios enabling it to broadcast to a much broader range further distance.

Repeaters also require additional infrastructure to set up properly. Some examples are base station antenna, duplexer or multicoupler, racking and storage, & low loss coax cable. In some cases you will also need to locate your repeater at a tower location to tall building to allow for the best coverage possible.

Determining if you Need a Repeater

If you are operating a small to medium-sized warehouse, plant, or property a simplex system (radio to radio) may be all you need. If you are wondering whether or not a Baltimore two-way radio repeater will help your business increase productivity, here are some situations where a repeater system can be useful:

  • If you need wide area city or area coverage
  • If you have poor in-building penetration
  • When you want to leverage repeater features or integrate Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio applications may require a repeater system

Let’s take a look at three ways two-way radio repeaters in Baltimore can increase your productivity.

1. Improved Coverage and Wide-area Range

For workers on the road or in the field that need to communicate away from shop, two-way radio repeaters in Baltimore offer can offer wide-area coverage so your team can communications across the city, or around the state.

Construction companies can communicate with their entire crew across multiple sites with the touch of a button. Enhanced audio features including noise-canceling technology ensure that messages are transmitted clearly, despite noise like heavy equipment operating in the background.

The Transportation industry drives so much of our economy. Whether you deliver fuel, are a local carrier, support airport or railway services, work at the seaports or warehouses, Baltimore two-way radio repeaters offer scalable communications solutions. Your business can grow and Wireless Inc. will be prepared to grow with it.

2. Better In-building Penetration

Concrete walls, multiple floors, basements and more can make it difficult for two-way radios to effectively do their job. Two-way radio repeaters increase the signal in otherwise hard to reach places.

Hospitals are an example of the kind of structure a two-way repeater in Baltimore can provide better in-building coverage. Penetrating through every floor, room, pedway, and basement ensure teams can communicate quickly and effectively to save lives.

Manufacturing businesses with plants spread out over different states can especially benefit from the Capacity Max system that allows you to connect up to 250 sites with 3000 users per site.

3. App Support

Users with the appropriate infrastructure in place – like hotels, utilities, and property management – have access to a range of applications to better serve their individual needs. The latest in digital two-way radio technology offers exciting features that can improve productivity and increase worker safety.
Additional app options include:

  • Work ticket management
  • Centralized lone worker
  • Man down notifier
  • Indoor/outdoor real-time location
  • Alarm control system

Featured Products

SL5000 Series Repeater

High performance reliable two-way radio service featuring all you need to connect your workplace in the field or on the factory floor. Offering dependable voice and data communications for every corner of your operation. Looking sleek and low on power consumption, this model is also low on cost.

Compatible with a conventional single-site system, or the more powerful Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, or Connect Plus this series has what it takes to bring the power of digital two-way radio to your team.

SL8000 Series Repeater

Better safety and efficiency throughout your organization requires reliable voice and data communication that connects everyone and everything. The SL8000 series repeater is a high performance, reliable communications solution optimized for your workplace. Its small outline provides high reliability at a low cost of ownership.

Both versatile and powerful you get the best of two-way radio functionality plus all the latest in digital technology. Voice and data are integrated seamlessly offering advanced easy to use features that increase your capacity to improve communications throughout your entire organization.

Compatible with a conventional single-site system, or the more powerful Capacity Plus, Capacity Max, or Connect Plus this series delivers digital two-way radio to your workforce.

At Wireless Inc., we understand that there are several questions about repeaters. Please feel free to contact us and our dedicated team of professionals will be able to help answer your questions and make sound recommendation on repeaters and radio systems for your business.


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