3 of The Most Rugged Commercial Two-Way Radios in New Jersey

Motorola Construction Two Way Radios Baltimore, DC, Philly, NJ

Two Way Radios Built Tough

Are you in need of radios that can handle real-world conditions, like extreme weather, drops on concrete or vibrations from heavy machinery? We are ready to help you find the Motorola equipment that your workforce can rely on.

Our rugged two-way radios in New Jersey have also helped many companies track assets on site and between remote sites. By giving their employees the tools needed to communicate effectively, companies can efficiently allocate assets and resources in real-time. This helps to drive overall costs down.

Visit our website for catalogs and detailed data sheets on our most rugged commercial two-way radio models here

1. Motorola XPR7000e Series

The Motorola XPR7000e two-way radios are designed for skilled professionals that refuse to compromise. These next-generation radios deliver key features such as: 

  • High-performance integrated voice and data
  • Easy to use and view color display and keypad on some models
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped
  • Customizable applications and accessories for your communications system
  • Advanced safety features like integrated accelerometer for optional Man Down, lone worker functionality, and emergency button notification.
  • IP68 rating for dust and water protection
  • IMPRES battery technology for extended battery life
  • UHF, VHF, & 800MHz frequency capabilities

You can purchase the XPR7000e series with HazLoc IS Batteries. These are essential for professionals who work in hazardous environments or around explosive materials.

With the Motorola XPR7000e series of radios, we provide a variety of accessories that complement the function of our radios. Headsets, microphones, smart energy chargers, and earpieces increase your team’s ability to remain connected. They can easily stay focused on the job at hand.

The models that comprise the XPR7000e series are:

  • Motorola XPR7550e – This model has a full display and keypad for easy operation.
  • Motorola XPR7350e – Available in VHF or UHF frequencies, this model is built for the most rugged enviroments
  • Motorola XPR7580e – This model is designed for customer using 800MHz trucking systems

2. Motorola XPR3000e

Construction companies in New Jersey benefit from Motorola XPR3000e radios for communication, efficiency, and productivity of their team. Motorola commercial radios in New Jersey provide customized solutions. Construction companies can dispatch employees more effectively, finish projects on tighter schedules, and improve overall efficiency on worksites.

The Motorola XPR3000e two-way radios deliver affordable connectivity to your organization. A great all-around radio, the Motorola XPR3000e comes with features such as:

  • Instant push-to-talk (PTT) buttons
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • IMPRES battery and charger technology
  • Improved coverage and better range than previous models
  • HazLoc models available
  • IP67 rating for dust and water protection

The models that comprise the XPR7000e series are:

  • Motorola XPR3500e – This model has a Monochrome display and 128 channels
  • Motorola XPR3300e – Perfect for small to medium size operations, this model has 16 channels and no display for ultimate in ruggedness.

3. Motorola CP200D

The Motorola CP200D series is a simple and affordable solution, with the flexibility to grow with your business. The CP200D offers great value for analog or digital systems that are expanding and need better communication solutions.

Key features of the CP200D series include:

  • IP54 rated for dustproof and splashproof protection
  • Transmit interrupt for better supervisory control
  • Analog or digital models avaiable

At Wireless Communications Inc., New Jersey businesses can find the Motorola Two way radio model for any budget and workforce. As an authorized Motorola Solutions channel partner, your employees will get reliable, easy-to-operate two-way radios that survive the rough nature of the job. Your team will be able to communicate effectively, remain on task, and eliminate downtime.

To browse all of our rugged two-way radios, check out our website now. Have a short-term project or event? Ask our sales team about radio rental options for portable radios, mobile radios, and accessories.


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